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Fist (revised)

I watch its angry arc
through treacle time
its fury almost graceful,
with a hint of haste

this clenched missive
each knuckle scripted
its disgust
aimed at my nose

I do not flinch
though I cry ‘I’m sorry’
is it this
or the force of my gaze?

that arrests your fist
no imprint left
your message
written on me still

I have revised this somewhat. After spirited discussion on Facebook I have elected to retain ‘treacle’, albeit at the risk of my readers’ minds drifting to thoughts of gingerbread. I have extended the ‘missive’ metaphor in the second stanza and referred back to it in the fourth. I hope it’s a stronger poem for these changes. Thanks to all my poetic friends for their input.


With this poem I hope to express one aspect of therapeutic writing – ordering and processing the grief, pain and loss. The action of writing it out creates meaning, allowing a deeper understanding which, for me, brings a sense of calm empowerment. However, one friend’s take on this was that I sounded like a victim – the blanket like Linus’. Quite the opposite of how I feel and what I want to convey. Please let me know what you think.


With this pen I write
words course onto the page
ink the colour of my veins
curlicues, serifs, pen-strokes all

Marks on the page
created by hand
each thought a neurone
extending from cortex though fingers

Ball of string within my chest
dissembled, tangled
its mess binding
heart, lungs and mind

Words set free
dance upon the page
transformed, a salve
comforting blanket of
woven twine

Today I’m off to another Express Yourself Writing Workshop with Arnold Zable. Five hours of quarantined time to write, talk about writing and to listen to the experiences and writing of others. Best hop in the shower…