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A fragment…

Last Wednesday I had a dream. I woke feeling at peace. This fragment describes it…

In my dreams
a soft blanket of silver ash covers me

The souls of the dead
mingle with mine

Gossamer skin

Triumphant orange glows the Sun
Rays burn straight, intense
Warming that below
In the landscape of my soul


Flurries of disconsolate blue ice
Swirl chaotically, random
Freezing dark recesses
In the landscape of my soul


Raging red fire consumes
Angry flames rape, destroy
Growing forest
In the landscape of my soul


Despondent black air suffocates
Stagnant, dank, foetid
Fills deep caves
In the landscape of my soul


Nascent green shoots
Shout encouragement
Stretch out for light
In the landscape of my soul


And what of this soul?
This churning calamity
Prey to dichotomous forces
How is it contained? Concealed?


For fury, torment, despair
Even exultant joy, evolution
Prove to threaten the equilibrium of observers
Of the landscape of my soul


Gossamer skin
Translucent membrane
Flimsy separation from an
Uncomprehending world


Would that I had
Hardened integument
Impervious exoskeleton
Protection from hurt


But if I had a toughened hide
I hope I may shed it from time to time
Allow a knowing mortal to gaze inside
At the landscape of my soul