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Rain’s edge

Standing at the edge of rain
each single drop
mixed with tears
taste the brackish water
homage to worried years
this trapped moment

Dance a stricken moment
at the brink of swirling rain
inventory of years
condensed in every drop
infusing chaste water
with its cargo of tears

This looming of tears
delivered in a moment
the rarity of water
bordering rain
each spherical drop
content to hold its years

Had they been benevolent years
would there be so many tears?
each and every drop
closely held moment
generates such rain
an excess of water

A final gush of water
flickering years
this torrent of rain
mirrored tears
fragmentary moments
condensed in a drop

Solitary drops
embrace to become water
each melded moment
combines to form years
and the rivulets of tears
create a salty rain

Should we drop the pretence of years?
Water our souls with tears?
Stand for a moment at the edge of rain


This poem takes the form of  a sestina. I have not written to a form before. I found the exercise quietly stimulating and quite meditative, with the swirling repetition of words. The resulting poem seems to sway back and forth in a tightly controlled fashion. Indeed, it’s a little claustrophobic. Given the poem is about grief, this seems apposite. Hope I’ll have some more fun with forms soon.