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Fist (revised)

I watch its angry arc
through treacle time
its fury almost graceful,
with a hint of haste

this clenched missive
each knuckle scripted
its disgust
aimed at my nose

I do not flinch
though I cry ‘I’m sorry’
is it this
or the force of my gaze?

that arrests your fist
no imprint left
your message
written on me still

I have revised this somewhat. After spirited discussion on Facebook I have elected to retain ‘treacle’, albeit at the risk of my readers’ minds drifting to thoughts of gingerbread. I have extended the ‘missive’ metaphor in the second stanza and referred back to it in the fourth. I hope it’s a stronger poem for these changes. Thanks to all my poetic friends for their input.


Calmly she regards her face in the bathroom mirror
Today her large almond eyes are green
Other days her eyes are grey or hazel but she is always
When they are green
A friend has told her that her eyes are like that of a
Famous movie star
She is not so sure
But, today, at least, her eyes are pleasing


Her short brown hair, once auburn, now
Streaked with silver
Provides a frame for a round face
Cheekbones high above a
Today, her eyes are smiling too
She can overlook the flaws she too often finds
In her visage and body


Within her core she knows her worth
Her physical attributes may sing today but
The being within her is where
Her essence lies
Distilled by experience
Of pain, trauma, joy and love


And what of this essence?
What makes her so?
Stoic resilience and fragile vulnerability
Her capacity to love
Her empathy and warmth
Fierce intelligence
A sense of fun, of playfulness
Wicked black humour
And equally black moods
Uncompromising honesty
A search for perfection


Even though she can be highly strung
Pedantic and verbose
I watch this woman calmly regarding her mien
Admire her strength
Forgive her foibles
And tell her how much I love her
For she is me
And she needs to know