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Arboreal lullaby


listen carefully
you just might
hear her song

sit down
nestle your back
against her rough integument
you might need to
wriggle a little
get comfortable

listen, can you hear it?

rest your palms
on the cool moss
trace the shape of
a fallen leaf
dig your fingers
into pudding earth

listen, can you hear it?

close your eyes
lest the glitter,
filtered light
distracts you
picking out
its intimate vistas

listen, can you hear it?

by now you’ll be damp
as your clothes
attempt to meld
with the damp humus
on which you sit

listen, can you hear it?

breathe deeply
inspire its musky scent
and know if you
sit there long enough
you’ll decay alongside her

listen, surely can you hear it now?

feel its reverberations
her epochal song
of concentric life
a ringing record
of persistence
arboreal hope


hear her song
her arboreal lullaby


Through the gloaming I walk
The forest floor
Quiet beneath my feet
Scent of moist decay
Of fungi


It is Winter
A lyrebird calls
His song echoes in the mist
Reverberating, an invitation
To dance


The light is fading now
A wallaby
Thuds her erratic path
Pauses, inspecting me
And leaves


Out of the darkness I emerge
Invigorated by cold
Gravel scrunches beneath my feet
Warm yellow glow
A light