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carbon dioxide

Happy writing doesn’t come naturally to me. I worry about sounding trite or, worse, soppy. These past few months have been the happiest I can remember, so I haven’t much felt like writing.

Last year I wrote my first love poem – for my beloved’s birthday. I was 45. It didn’t completely suck. He has a copy on the wall by his bed, so I guess he must like it, or at the very least like that it was written.

Yesterday I ventured out to a poetry gig. Later, we saw Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Paterson’ together, in which Paterson the bus driver writes poems deeply entrenched in ordinary wonder. The film is a calm mindful view of what might be considered mundane until transformed by the poetic lens. Unlike the two women seated next to us who talked and looked at their phone screens throughout, we were quite captivated. Hands clasped across the restaurant table we discussed the film and the kangaroo gargoyles on the building opposite. Perhaps it was the film that triggered an especially mindful moment this morning and the subsequent urge to write it.

carbon dioxide

face sleep slack
your lips whistle slightly
with each exhalation
your right cheek
rests on the pillow of my left elbow
our noses close enough
for the hairs you won’t let me pluck
to tickle

my right arm drapes
across the soft pelt of your back
fingers seeking the smooth valley
of your spine
I enjoy the play of texture
squash my breasts against your chest
rest my right knee
on your thigh

though your breaths are quicker
than mine
I synchronise my intake
with each lip whistle
brave those ticklish hairs
breathe in your waste breath
so that I might merge further
with you

in my slack muscle trance
lost in the detail
of the lines round your eyes
each fingertip on my skin
my idling mind wonders
if your excess carbon dioxide
is responsible for the giddiness
of love

(PS My beloved is cool with me sharing.)

Not a poem, just pretty thoughts

If the wind changes on my smile
will happiness be eternal?

And will that gentle breeze
breathe secrets in your ear?
Play across your lips?

Will it carry my smile
direct to your eye?
My fingerprints to your cheek?
My scent to your lungs?

When that zephyr curls
enfolding you
Will you infuse it?

Will that laden wind
return to me?
Or drift out of range?

Another summer of dragonflies?

Today in Melbourne we awake to opulent sunshine and the promise of warmth. Hard not to be optimistic….

Dragonfly summer

After the rains came the summer of dragonflies
parched earth and desiccated minds
luxuriated in fresh growth
the stultifying dry, inexorable loss, a memory
a fading nightmare

A plethora of dragonflies
gossamer wings iridescent in summer’s light
movements of languid chaos
flight paths seemingly random
as they wooed, contorted, copulated

I met you that summer
dehydrated hearts, numbed minds
we took our lead from the dragonflies
danced languorously
in dizzying courtship spirals

Soon the weather turned cold
although the rain did not stop
another joined our waltz
our leisurely dance now frenetic
watched by the last of the dragonflies

In winter the dragonfly nymphs hid
sequestered, awaiting warming sun
exhausted by your feverish whirls
I followed their wisdom
found refuge, laid low

In spring the dragonflies
emerge to revel in golden light
stretch their gauzy wings
flit upon the silken air
Shall we dance?

Mathematical relationship

Often I feel inadequate when poets make references to classics and mythology in their work since I have little knowledge of these. As I wrote my thesis the other night I realised that I do know something about maths. And so this poem was born. It may not be terribly original. It may be corny. But it was fun to write….

we worked on our simultaneous equation
only to find there was no solution
or rather, they were different

product of innumerable couplings
which, if graphed, would demonstrate
a reducing x against the y of time

until you kissed another
creating a new trigonometry
angles to be calculated

and counting
each free integer a celebration
inviting love’s calculus


Once upon a time…

A time there once was
The moon hung low
Each blade of grass
Intimate silver
We joined in the night air


A time there once was
Hands clasped
Our invincible selves
Paraded avenues of
Unfettered promise


A time there once was
We danced, whirled and sang
Encased in a homely cocoon
Fire glowing warmly
Reflecting sunny faces


A time there once was
We buried our noses
In soft warm fuzz
Inhaling the scent of
New life


A time there once was
The tart taste of bitterness
Crept into each day
Resentment the vernacular
Poison to contentment


A time there once was
A line of flames
Crackling and consuming
Scorched the earth
Between us


A time there once was
We spat venomous barbs
Disrespect coloured all
Anger became fury and
Uncertain fear


Once upon a time…


There was us
Now there is



Separate entities
A promise of moons hung low


In a shabby laboratory
A dog sits
At the sound of a bell
Awaiting its reward

But I am no dog
And yet, Pavlov’s bell rings for me

Poor old dog
Sitting in its laboratory
At the sound of a bell
But now the rewards are intermittent

But I am no dog
And yet, Pavlov’s bell rings for me

Those rewards so fleeting and erratic
So seemingly arbitrary
Conspire to produce

But I am no dog
Rather an autonomous rational human
And yet, Pavlov’s bell rings for me

What is the reward of which I speak?
Not drugs, alcohol or a thrilling win

A smile, a kind word
A few moments of time

I am no dog
But I am still waiting for my reward

I haven’t met you yet

I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll smile a wry smile and
Tell a witty joke


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll listen to my opinion and
Offer one of your own


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll ask me how I feel and
Want to hear the answer


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll encircle me in your arms and
Hold me when I cry


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll cherish me for who I am and
Not for who you want me to be


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You won’t be threatened by me and
Your own intelligence will shine


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll enjoy playing word games but
Not games with my heart


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll stroke my hair and
Kiss my forehead


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll take me to bed and
Love me with passionate honesty


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
You’ll wake beside me and
Whisper you love me


I haven’t met you yet
But when I do
I hope I can
Recognise you