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I watch its angry arc
through treacle time
its fury almost graceful,
with a hint of haste

this clenched missive
each knuckle sketched
its disgusted patina
aimed at my nose

I do not flinch
though I cry ‘I’m sorry’
is it this?
or the force of my gaze?

your arrested fist
brushes rather than crushes
and I cry
‘I’m sorry’

Today there was a poetry competition at the Dan O’Connell. The challenge was to use the line ‘graceful, with a hint of haste’. The above was my entry. It probably needs some more work. It does, however, truthfully describe one moment of my life. Congratulations to Timothy Train, Eric Beach and Mary Stone for your winning efforts.

Mathematical relationship

Often I feel inadequate when poets make references to classics and mythology in their work since I have little knowledge of these. As I wrote my thesis the other night I realised that I do know something about maths. And so this poem was born. It may not be terribly original. It may be corny. But it was fun to write….

we worked on our simultaneous equation
only to find there was no solution
or rather, they were different

product of innumerable couplings
which, if graphed, would demonstrate
a reducing x against the y of time

until you kissed another
creating a new trigonometry
angles to be calculated

and counting
each free integer a celebration
inviting love’s calculus