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Moonlit dreamscape

A little whimsy I wrote for the Earth Hour Astronomy and Poetry gig. Hope you remembered to turn your lights off.


In the moonlit dreamscape
Saturn jumps through rings
while Pluto weeps


In the moonlit dreamscape
Mercury darts between the trees
teasing Uranus remorselessly


In the moonlit dreamscape
with kissing pout Venus
demands Jupiter’s moons


In the moonlit dreamscape
Neptune pitches water
on Mars’  toy soldiers


In the moonlit dreamscape
Earth sighs, and with beseeching gaze
asks us to turn the lights off

I tried my loves, I tried

This is what I added to GetUp’s time capsule this morning. Perhaps you could add your message too?

I tried my loves, I tried

Forty years is not a long time to be on this Earth
and yet, such change to behold
a warming planet
erratic rain
a dryness like no other
a parched bare Earth is not what you deserve
so I yell, plead, harangue
conserve energy, use renewables
grow my own food, save seeds
agitate for change
and silently hope it will be enough