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A whole month without posting a poem! Many notes have been made, words scrawled on trains, in cafes, on waking, after the shower – but no poems written until today. Some are still percolating, perhaps gestating – waiting for the moment of birth. I’ve also been quite distracted writing my thesis – a quite different style. As I listened to the wind howl last night, my heart beating just that little faster, I knew it was time to write the poem I had planned about the wind. The idea of the balloons came this morning – in the shower, where most of my best thinking is done. See what you think….


I hear it moaning     a plangent sound of longing
It whips and whines     buffets my consciousness
Rattling, shaking     its tendrils invade each fissure
Howling, it tears at structure     solidity
Threatens to tear apart the gestalt
Streaming molecules     particles     embers
Move down a pressure gradient     seeking the low
And with it     tug a thousand tiny balloons
Attached to my neural framework     each axon stretched
Taut   as power lines in a gale
Ready to fail

The reference to power lines only came to me as I was typing tonight. The fire that destroyed my home was caused by a failed power line. I hope the poem conveys that fact as well as the notion that I fear my ‘nerves’ will fail at times when the wind is particularly brutal.