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Bushfire poetry on Radio National

This afternoon Radio National’s program Poetica featured an anthology of poetry in response to bushfire.  Many of the works are deeply evocative of the experience of wild fire. Jordie Albiston’s ‘Six Black Saturday Squares’ frame the story and are beautifully crafted. Lisa Jacobson’s ‘Girls and Horses in the Fire’ never fails to induce tearpricks in my eyes. Others feel as though written by outsiders, spurring me to better express my insider’s view. Listen to the program, have an opinion and share it with me.

Venus’ mount

ginger forest
atop mons veneris
natural redhead, after all

Not a poem, just pretty thoughts

If the wind changes on my smile
will happiness be eternal?

And will that gentle breeze
breathe secrets in your ear?
Play across your lips?

Will it carry my smile
direct to your eye?
My fingerprints to your cheek?
My scent to your lungs?

When that zephyr curls
enfolding you
Will you infuse it?

Will that laden wind
return to me?
Or drift out of range?


ten icy digits
our endless conversation
shared anxieties and cigarettes


you admonish my meagre socks
curl your toes around mine
without complaint
a cocoon of feet


chaste lovers
in darkness we lie
alternating monologues
the death cold hours


morning twilight
hypnotic murmurings
toes thawed
sleep drifts in on your voice