Double helix


Genetic code
your gift to me
arranged by spindles
woven to a whole



Though genes alone
are never enough
to explain what defines me
indelibly your daughter



Created from you
though my eyes be green
yours deepest brown
can a smile be found in our DNA?



Absent now
your double helix
dances still
your gift to me


2 responses to “Double helix

  1. I think you will need to read this to me so I can get the rhythm. Do you read out all the letters?
    A touching tribute to your mum.

    • It’s not strongly rhythmical. And, yes, I read out all the letters. I’m not sure how well that works (it’s hard to do!). I put in the strings of letters to draw attention to the four base code and that each of the four principle stanzas begins with a letter from the code. Each stanza has four lines, once again to highlight the structure of DNA. And thanks for taking the time to comment, Penny. It means a lot to me.

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