My first reading

I am both excited and daunted by the opportunity to read one of my poems at the Community Celebration of the Into The Light exhibition. The exhibition is featuring works created at the Express Yourself workshops supported by the City of Whittlesea and the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund. Here is what the organisers say about the event…

Into the Light is an art installation and community gathering to celebrate the coming of spring.
Developed in consultation and collaboration with local community members and artists, the installation is an exhibition of works created by local people, artists and participants of creative workshops offered to those living in and around Whittlesea, and will reflect on the journey of change experienced over the past two years. Audiences will enjoy a visual and aural ‘walk’ that will take them on a journey of change, from the dark of the winter and into the light, and a community celebration as its launch, with a lantern parade by local school children, performances and food stalls.

Choosing the right poem for the reading has been somewhat challenging as many of my ‘favourites’ are not really suited to an audience of young children and one which is likely to include other survivors of bushfire whom I do not wish to traumatise all over again. We have decided that I will read ‘Home’ which is, fittingly, the first poem I wrote in this journey I am making. The celebration is from 5pm to 9pm at the Cattle Shed at the Whittlesea Showgrounds. I would love to see you there.




Four walls, a floor
A roof over one’s head
Windows framing a view
Repository of memories
Safety, a haven
And yet, it is not
A blackened mess of iron
Detritus of life
Fragments only, the whole
Torn asunder
And yet, it is not
Four chambers, a muscle
A place for courage
Of love, hope, meaning
Repository of memories
Safety, a haven

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