Three poems exploring identity

Identity I


I accidentally hit the question mark first
Perhaps the subconscious mind

Trying to have her say

For the conscious mind

Thought she had it sorted

Mother of two
Separated parent
Daughter, sister, niece
Loyal friend, dog owner
Good citizen, caring doctor
Perchance even a writer?

But these are LABELS my subconscious screams

The conscious reviles the oxymoron

But proffers
Empathic and intelligent
Anxious, sad, lonely
Funny and exuberant
Resilient and forgiving
Honest to a fault

A LIST of qualities taunts the subconscious
What is it that you WANT then?

Retorts the conscious

Your question is unanswerable
I am all of those things
And none of them


Identity II


If you had asked me before
Before that day
Of fire, destruction and
I could have told you who I was
I would have known with certainty
Could have explained my roles
Discussed my values
Celebrated my virtues and
Given an honest appraisal of my flaws
And, of course, I still can
But they seem meaningless now
For I understand now that there is
No Certainty
I must constantly reinvent myself


Identity III


Stardust of millennia
I know not who I am
But, for the moment
I breathe

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