I will build a town, with houses and people - a mummy and a daddy and a boy and a brother and train tracks and a train and the road with cars and a cow and trees. And the cow was on fire and the train went on fire and the man went on fire. I put the fire out and then checked that everyone was OK. The cow was OK. The train was OK and back on the track. The man was OK, he has been in hospital for a long time now. He can come back home with the mummy and the boy and the brother. Everyone is OK now.















Oh the stories you tell
My little boy
Of death, destruction and
And yet
Always, but always
The boy and the brother and the mummy

            And the daddy

Are OK

And we are, in a fashion
But not in the way

You would like us to be

My little boy

And the house and the cow
Are OK

But they are not

My little boy

And you know this, my love
But the stories you tell
Those elaborate fables
Are your wish fulfillment
Your storytelling
A way to cope
My little boy

And so it is mine


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